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Employment of socially vulnerable layers of the population

The state gives you additional guarantees of employment, if you are looking for a job and are in one of the following categories:

  • in need of social protection, experiencing difficulties in finding work and are not able to compete in the labor market on equal terms, including single parents and large families with children under the age of 14 years and children with disabilities;
  • young people who graduated from secondary schools, other educational institutions;
  • demobilized from the Armed Forces, Interior Ministry troops, border troops, national security forces;
  • persons with disabilities, persons of pre-retirement age;
  • persons released from prison or subjected to compulsory treatment by court

These guarantees are provided through the creation of additional jobs and specialized enterprises, including enterprises for disabled persons, organizing special training programs and other measures.

In order to promote employment, enterprises, institutions and organizations set (reserved) minimum number of jobs for the aforementioned persons in need of social protection and experiencing difficulties in finding work.

This section contains an interactive and information services, as well as open data on the employment of socially vulnerable layers of the population.