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Vocational training and retraining of the unemployed population

The citizens, registered at the employment assistance centers as job seekers are entitled to free professional advice, training, retraining and obtaining relevant information with a view to a free choice of type of employment, place of work and mode of work. For these purposes, you can use the "Registration as a job seeker," is placed in a section of interactive services.

Citizens who are registered as job seekers, the unemployed have the right to vocational training, retraining and advanced training, in case:

  • it is impossible to find a job due to the fact that job seekers, the unemployed or have no qualifications (profession, education);
  • in need to change profession (specialty, type of work) due to the inability to find work with the appropriate skills;
  • job seekers, the unemployed or those who have lost the necessary skills for former profession because of a long break due to an occupational disease or the introduction of new technologies in the production of the previous place of work.

Employment Assistance Centers conducted training and retraining for more than 40 kinds of directions of training professions and specialties. In the Online Services you can send pre-recorded request for training, retraining and advanced training courses. In the information services you can get relevant information on the activities of vocational education center of Tashkent city.