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The functions and tasks of Information and Computer Center
The main tasks of the Directorate/units/organizations are:
In accordance with the assigned tasks the Directorate/units/organizations perform the following functions:

Director of the information and computer center is the head of all divisions of the organization and work of the Center. Deputy Directors, heads of departments and the overall management of information and computer center. All organizations: The Ministry of Labour, Computer and Information Center, directly related to the activities of the Center in collaboration with organizations and institutions to work and establish directly a relationship. The Ministry of Labour, agencies and other organizations to perform tasks and assure quality with the help of leading experts in a timely manner.
         Works in the computer center of financial and economic activities of the Department of Payment will guide overall management and supervision of works. The allocation of funds in accordance with the purpose of speaker. Selection and training of personnel in the Center in accordance with the scientific and managerial capacity from the point of view of consultant and at the same time ensuring the Inspector General.

        Information and Computer Center section concerns the necessary plans and checks the status of the work carried out on the same issues that were discussed in section and gives the necessary instructions to participate in the general meeting.
        The Information and Computer Center will hold meetings. The Information and Computer Center will organize the supply of qualified personnel in accordance with a direct schedule.
       The Information and Computer Center of the various organizations and agencies according to the implementation of the work will lead directly economic instruments. Payment of labour standards based on the results of activity of each staff member that can reward them and vice versa.
           Director of the Information and Computer Center at the level of each position implements certification and training of employees and must be an organizer.
           The Information and computer centre will develop measures for improvement of professional skills of staff. Practical training to upgrade the skills of employees. The Center shall take all necessary measures to fill the Center with qualified personnel.