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The functions and tasks of the Ministry of Labour Republic of Uzbekistan
Ministry of Labour  Republic of Uzbekistan
Directs the activities of the Ministry and shall be personally responsible for fulfilling the tasks and functions of the Ministry;
Specifies the credentials of the deputies; distributes duties between them; establishes the powers of the other officers of the Ministry system; a degree of personal responsibility of the deputies and other officials for the management of individual areas and areas of activity of the Ministry and work of subordinate organizations;
Within the limits of the authority issues orders and instructions mandatory for execution by the workers of the Ministry system;
Introduces in the prescribed manner to the Cabinet of Ministers draft regulations concerning matters within the competence of the Ministry;
Makes changes in the structure, if necessary, and within the total number approves the payroll plan for the Central Office of the Ministry, as well as cost estimates for the Central Office of the Ministry and subordinate organizations;
Approves in accordance with the established procedure provisions concerning structural and territorial subdivisions of the Ministry, regulations (statutes) of other subordinate organizations of the system of the Ministry;
Appoints and relieves employees of the Central Office of the Ministry and management of subordinate organizations and territorial units of the Ministry in accordance with the Ministerial established order;
Exercises other powers within the competence established by the legislation.