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Functions and tasks of the Deputy Minister of Labour of the Republic of Uzbekistan
The Deputy Minister of Labour of the Republic of Uzbekistan


Chairs the Working Team of the Ministry to strengthen performance discipline, as well as supervises the activities of the organizations in this area within the structure of the Ministry;

Coordinates the development of laws and other regulatory legal documents within the competence of the Ministry, proposals for action plans for the prevention and elimination of offenses, as well as the reasons and conditions for committing these violations within the Ministry; participates in monitoring of rights implementation of citizens in the field of labour, employment and social protection, improvement of legal processes associated with the external labour migration;

Coordinates the development of proposals for issues falling within the competence of the Ministry; in coordination with the Minister ensures the consideration of such issues at the meetings of the Board and the special extended meetings of the Ministry;

Within the limits of its competence, provides overall coordination of Monitoring and Measures of the ministry.