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The functions and tasks of Executive Office
Executive Office:
Examines the implementation of the Decisions of the Chambers of the Oliy Majlis; Decrees, Decisions, Orders and Instructions of the President; resolutions, protocols and assignments of the Cabinet of Ministers; orders, protocols and assignments of the Minister, as well as assignments of the Ministerial Boards;
Monitors the implementation of Law dated 03 December 2014 ZRU No.378 On Requests of Individuals and Legal Entities in divisions and subordinate organizations;
Organizes work based on Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers dated 12 January 1999 No.12 On Measures to Strengthen the Performance Discipline, as well as Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers dated 09 March 1999 No. 140 On Approval of Regulatory Instruments for Records Management and Monitoring of Performance in Public Authorities of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
Conducts monitoring of requests and visits of the Ministry territory;
Controls the unified database of electronic automated documentation circulation, received requests, including for the electronic unified portal;
Provides the conclusion of contracts with other organizations for the creation of material and technical basis of the Ministry;
Controls together with Uznefteproduct JSC, the State Inspection and Uzbekenergo OJSC supplies of oil products, natural gas and heat;
Provides continuous operation of phones, water supply, heat supply and power supply;
Organizes the repair of telephone sets, air conditioners and lighting fixtures;
Organizes rubbish disposal and prevention of infection;
Supplies oil products to the ministerial vehicles;
Provides the technical condition of vehicles, controls the smooth operation of vehicles and conducts annual technical inspection of the ministerial vehicles;
On a quarterly basis prepares information about requests of physical and legal persons for discussion at meetings of the Board of the Ministry.