The study is carried out by a bypass of interviewers and covers all regions of the Republic. The purpose of surveys is to obtain reliable information on two indicators:
- the actual share of the informal sector of employment in Uzbekistan;
- the actual percentage of the unemployed among the able-bodied population.

The obtained data will help to generate reliable information on the labor market in Uzbekistan. The works are carried out in 3 stages, the first stage covers 3,100 households in 63 districts of the Republic and ends on August 20, 2018. A total of 9,000 households will participate in the study.

The survey is conducted by the Republican Scientific Center for Employment and Labor Protection. 10 researchers of the research center, as well as 70 interviewers from all regions of the Republic take part in the research.


Press Service of the Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations of the Republic of Uzbekistan