The delegation of the Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations and the Agency for External Labor Migration with the First Deputy Minister of Employment and Labor Relations of the Republic of Uzbekistan E. Mukhitdinov October 4, 2017 held a meeting with the delegation of the State Institute of Russian language named after AS Pushkin. The delegation also included the head of the Agency for External Labor Migration H. Asamov and the Agency staff. The Rector of the Institute M.N. Rusetskaya, the Vice-Rector of the Institute for Economic Affairs and Administrative and Economic Activities A.M. Volakin, the Director of the Center for Testing and Socio-Cultural Adaptation OA Rachenko, the adviser of the Institute for International the links of V.M. Kostev.v

 E. Mukhitdinov emphasized  that "language is another key to knowledge". He noted that the activities and history of this institution are very well known in Uzbekistan, that today Russian is the second foreign language in the Republic of Uzbekistan. He also noted the important role of the Pushkin Institute in setting up a Center for pre-training and sending labor migrants to the Russian Federation in Fergana.

As is known, within the framework of the implementation of the Agreement signed between the Russian Association for the Legal Assistance of Labor Migrants and the Agency The  State Pushkin Institute of Russian Language named after Pushkin  is established as a partner in conducting a complex examination of Uzbek citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan for the Russian language.

The Rector of the Institute M.Rusetskaya announced her intention to visit Uzbekistan and participate in the inauguration of the Center in Fergana, scheduled for late November 2017. She also informed about the planned opening of the Center for cooperation, advanced training and retraining of teachers in the Russian language on the basis of the Fergana State University. The Uzbek side gave information about the special attention given by the leadership of the country to the development of the sphere of external labor migration, the adopted resolutions and orders by the Government of the Republic. M. Rusetskaya said that the work of the Pushkin Institute in Uzbekistan should be broad and useful, including such types of scientific cooperation as the raising of the qualifications of teachers to teach the Russian language in schools, the departments of the Russian language philology in universities and the holding of activities dedicated to the study in-depth Russian language ..

Noting the high level of Russian language proficiency in Uzbekistan, she also informed about the procedure for conducting a comprehensive examination to obtain the relevant certificates required for obtaining work permits (patents) - procedures before exams, passing exams, video recording, testing by all testers and automated processes.

 Director of the Center for Testing and Socio-Cultural Adaptation O. Rachenko announced the completion of the translation into the Uzbek language of practical materials on the study of history and the legislation of the Russian Federation.. He noted that the retraining of the teaching staff will take two weeks, and the training of the candidates themselves is approximately two months.

 The President of the Association for the Legal Assistance to Labor Migrants Y.Slutskaya noted that the equipment for testing in the Center in Fergana is being prepared and will be ready for operation within two weeks.

 The head of the Agency for External Labor Migration Kh. Asamov noted that a lot of works were done by the Agency to open the Center in Fergana as soon as possible. He reported full readiness and a willingness to cooperate to develop an algorithm for further action on all issues.

 During the meeting, issues of use and introduction of electronic resources of the Russian language were discussed (lessons learned in a special way by the best teachers of the Russian language, which allow to improve the language from the zero level (A1) to perfection (C2), conducting Russian language courses for citizens of Uzbekistan, planning a trip to the Russian Federation for the purpose of performing temporary work, learning the Russian language by using mobile applications and SMS-sending, remote testing (testing for children bilinguals).


Information service of the Ministry of employment and labor relations